About Seeking Metta

Seeking Metta is a lifestyle brand dedicated to promoting a compassionate way of living. We believe in the power of conscious choices to create a positive impact on animals, the environment, and our own well-being. Through our carefully curated product recommendations, we aim to inspire and empower individuals to make ethical and sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

yellow Labrador retriever biting yellow tulip flower
yellow Labrador retriever biting yellow tulip flower

Our Brands

Metta Wellness NW - @mettawellnessnw www.mettawellnessnw.com

Hounds on the Homestead - @houndsonthehomestead

Our principles

We believe in treating all animals with kindness and respect. We seek to inform people about the best choices for dogs, cats, and everything in between.

Health and Wellness

Environmental Consciousness

Animal Friendly

We are committed to protecting the environment. Our products are made using sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices.

We prioritize your health and well-being. Our products are carefully curated to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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